About SHA

With extensive experience as a business owner to provide knowledge and expertise, Steven Holmes left early retirement and started another business in 2002, to help clients and business owners with retirement plans and personal life planning decisions. His work includes facilitating the acquisition of Revocable Living Trusts and funding a customized trust for each client by focusing on maximizing income, deferring taxes, and preserving capital. Keeping in mind the man is usually the first to go, I always make sure the wife and children will be provided for!!

Steven seeks to provide customers the best possible return with safe financial products that provide peace of mind for their retirement. Safety and no to low risk is his mantra.

Steven was born in Davenport, Iowa. He enjoys fishing, spending time with his wife Joanne and their family, here in Tennessee, and Iowa, while enjoying cook outs where Steve is at the grill!!

Email me with any questions. steveholmes77@comcast.net

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