Tax Free Retirement Solutions

Tax Free Retirement Solutions:

Let me show you how to take a business expense, create a cash flow to you the owner instead of paying Taxes to Uncle Sam! i.e. Why pay it out in taxes, when as an expense, it is a plus for you the owner!!

If you had to have someone take care of you would you prefer that to be in your home or in a care facility? How or where would you get the money for that expense? Most people would rather stay in their home rather than go into a care facility!! Did you know that in the Knoxville Area that can run upwards to 6-8,000 per month? In a couple of year’s you can eat up $ 200,000.00.

Where would you get the money if you had to start paying for in-home care or care in a facility? What if I told you there was a little unknown law people don’t realize the government passed in 2010 that allows a person to use IRA or 401k money to cover those expenses without having to pay taxes on that money?
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