The 3 P’s To Investing Wisely

The 3 “p’s” of investing are; preserve the principal, provide the best possible return and peace of mind.

Don’t share with Uncle Sam!!

If you are about to retire in the next several years and you are in the market , buying stocks and bonds. You are accepting a certain amount of risk? In other words if the market drops 20-30% or more, like in 2007/2008, are you comfortable retiring on what is left in your account or will that change your plans about retiring soon? Along with Market Risk, is if stocks go up bonds typically go down, so the more conservative investment in the past has been bonds. Well assets such as CD’s interest paid goes down when there is a lot of money in the market, and the government is printing money by the truckloads and most people are typically paying the taxes on growth of CD”s out of your everyday living money! So that reduces your spendable dollars and raises your taxes, and actually reduces they’re return on investment?

Why not consider a tax free retirement plan, one you won’t have to share with

Uncle Sam !! Call me I’ll tell you how????

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